The LG G5 Modular Smartphone: A good phone for metatrader

Today we will look at a smartphone which can be used for Metatrader. I believe this is the best device to use, but if you want to stick to a budget a nice tablet for under 100 may be your best bet.

This is the brand new LG G5. It’s a 5.3 handset from the company follows up from the LG G4 from last year, as you can see, it’s a more compact of all the devices, but it still has the same resolution 2560×1440 for the HD display.

The first thing I noticed with this device is that it really reminds me of Google’s Nexus 6P it has the fingerprints sensor all over here in the back which is also that was up as the power button. Also, you might notice this is where LG starts to come into tone, it has a dual camera system. So it has a 16-megapixel camera and an 8-megapixel camera.

The LG G5 Modular Smartphone A good phone for metatrader

The second 8-megapixel camera actually gives you a wider view, field of view goes out to 135 degrees.  G5 will be available in the silver option, there’ll also be gold, a pink, and a dark color which LG calls Titum. But there has really different about the LG G5 is something that LG calls a set of friends or accessories for the new phone is a tiny little button right here on the side which when you press it pops open and you actually pull out the battery of the phone with it.

It’s a 2800 milliamp battery and you can add more accessories so one of them is this extra camera grip which you took the battery into and you put back into the phone.  LG says the G5 boots up really quickly so we can actually test that right now. But what you have with this compartment is you get an extended battery so you do get a dedicated shutter button, a dedicated video button, an LED indicator light and a jog dial for zoom and the phone is just booted up.

So that was a few seconds that it took, with the extended batteries as well you get up to 4000 milliamp LG says 50% more usage or 6 or 8 hours extra camera usage which is you know, is nice. Also, noticeable down here the bottom, UDC it uses the UDC connector.

Another attachment that LG has for the G5 is the Bang and Olufsen Hi-fi DAC and amp, so this is a 32-bit DAC it has its own headphone jack which quite is a little bit confusing because of the headphone jack up here and there’s also one up on the top of the phone, the one on the bottom is for the 32-bit Hi-fi DAC and amp.  The whole idea with this is that G5 once you have this plugged in it turns into a Hi-fi portable media player.

But these are just the two attachable accessories, the two attachable circle of friends is the LG 360 cam which does pretty much what the name suggests, it’s a 360 camera and there’s also a new USB-C head mounting display.  It weighs a hundred grams it’s a little bit more attractive than the usual VR set. And also there is a rolling robot, it’s kind of like a spheral ball it’s a big ball that you control with your phone; it has a laser pointer, it has a camera integrated into it, it has speakers and a microphone.

LG presents it as a home monitoring device/pet care accessories.  Another big new feature is the ozone display so the display never goes out, it’s an IPS display not all LED and consumes 9.8% of battery power per hour.  The one thing that LG isn’t giving us is a new pricing for any of these accessories.

The big innovation for LG is all of these accessories the Friends that it’s adding on, this is what’s going to set G5 apart. But, speaking for myself personally I love the design, I love the feel of this phone and I feel with the new and improved cameras the new and improved processors and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 inside, 4GB of RAM, 22GB of storage micro SD expandability.

Just as a phone, this might be one of the more interesting and the more exciting ones coming out in a long while. The LG G5 and all its friends are coming out in early April around the world but I have. This is all from the LG G5 and MWC for now, but stay tuned to the Verge, tune in to our YouTube channel as well, we have a whole bunch more from here at MWC, that’s it.

Staying Away From Fraudulent Forex Trading Sites

Anything that involves getting rich online has become a prime target for scammers who take advantage of the popularity of such endeavors. Forex trading suffers the most from this because it is one of the most popular and most profitable. A lot of individuals have already fallen victim to scam sites that blind them with promises, and then take their money without giving anything in return. However, it’s easy to spot a scam site from the real thing, and here are some indicators you may use in your search.

  • Certification – Forex trading platforms have to be registered with the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the National Futures Association. However, it’s easy for any site to simply copy paste a logo of these agencies onto their site. The best recourse would be to email these agencies and ask if a particular trading platform is certified.
  • Easy Startups – Although it is generally easy to start trading in a Forex platform, a site that promises easy start ups should raise some flags. If a site only requires you to put in a few hundred dollars for you to be able to trade and promises you risk-free trading by offering some sort of safety net, then there’s something fishy going on. Platforms rely on startups to make money from their site, so if a site only requires a small amount of money for traders to startup, how can they make money off of it to stay operational for long?
  • Get Rich Quickly – A lot of people falsely believe that Forex Trading is a get-rich-quick scheme, so if they see a site advertise huge potential earnings without effort, they tend to believe it. However, a site that promises instant wealth is nothing more than a scam site. Ask legitimate Forex platform operators and they will tell you that most of their major gainers are people who accumulated wealth slowly and surely through well-placed transactions.

Anything that involves your money should warrant your full attention and discretion. Don’t be lured by the prospect of earning a lot of money with minimal risks and effort. There is no such thing as instant wealth in the world; most riches can be achieved through legitimate means with a bit of luck and a lot of effort.

Forex Trading 101

Before you decide to pursue something, it’s important to know at least the basics about it. Nobody ever came out successful after simply throwing caution to the wind and figuring things out as they go. This is especially true for things like Forex trading, which entail a lot of analyzing and decision-making. Forex trading has gained a lot of popularity, and if you’re thinking of jumping into the bandwagon, here are some things you might want to remember.

Forex trading is like starting a business

You have to invest a certain amount to get far. Starting small is okay, but being to overly cautious is bad. Forex trading is not a place for people who are afraid of losing their money. While going all out may be equally bad, at least invest a certain amount of money wherein returns would make up for your deposit and then some.

Traders have mastered the art of buying and selling through years of experience, something you don’t have. This is why it’s important that before you go into Forex trading, you read up on the basic as much as possible. Gain as much input as you can and seek out advice by researching tips and strategies online. Forex trading is a constant learning process; even if you find a strategy that might work for you now, it’s not guaranteed that it will work for you forever. Trends change and you should also keep up with these changes if you ever want to succeed.

Lastly, don’t expect too much from Forex trading. Many people hear so many success stories that most of them quit after weeks of not getting anywhere. Forex trading takes time; sure, some people are lucky enough and gain a lot on their first days of trading, but with patience, dedication and careful decision making, you’ll get there in no time.

Dealing With Stress From Forex Trading

Everything that has something to do with money can become a source of stress for most people. Money is something that is difficult to earn but so easy to lose, and no matter how many times a person loses money, the reaction is still the same. After incurring a financial loss, people tend to get depressed, lose focus or quit whatever they’re doing altogether.

The same is true for people in the Forex Trading market. Most people quit because they can’t handle the frustration of losing money. Not only does it affect your financial status, but your psychological being as well. A loss makes people feel like they’re failures for losing something so valuable. It is a wonder then why some people persevere despite incurring loss after loss during their years in the trade. What is their secret?

• Be objective about your loss – Most experts agree that since you entered your transactions in a business-like manner, you must also deal with loss in the same way – as unattached as possible. If you can, look at things from a third person’s point of view. Forget that you are the person who incurred a loss and pretend it’s someone else. Then from that point of view, try to analyze what the person did wrong and what options could have been better at that situation. This way, you can analyze your mistakes and not indulge in self-pity and self-blame.

• Remember your gains – Even in your darkest hour, you must always remember that things are not always like this. You are not a failure; you’re just someone who is capable of making both good and bad decisions.  Try to remember successful transactions in the past and try to replicate them. Concentrate on emulating and repeating your successes, and not just avoiding making another mistake.

• Read up on more Forex strategies – When you incur a loss, it just simply means there is so much you have yet to learn about the market. Take a break from trading to read up on strategies, tips and different trading methods. Using your trader’s account, observe the market and make predictions without actually trading; this can help get your mind back on track and make you feel comfortable with the thought of trading again.

Remember, bumps on the road are a part of the journey to success. You only truly fail if you let these get to you and prevent you from achieving your goals.